Sunday, September 22, 2013

Birthday Festival

I had a week long birthday celebration this year.  On Monday, a couple my co-workers took me out for lunch at Hot Pot and Sushi which was fun.  Thursday night, Bill and I went to Beaches to have dinner with other members of a board that he serves with.  On my birthday, I got presents from some co-workers and from Chris. And that evening, the family went to Mexico Linda--one of my favorite spots--to have my birthday margarita and Mexican food.  We took Chris to Bellingham on Saturday to get him moved into his dorm room.  Tonight, we are going out to dinner with friends and then to the symphony.  Unfortunately, my friend, Denise, that I go to AORN with every month took vacation to spend time with her daughter in California so we couldn't celebrate our birthdays together this year.  And I still intend to go out to lunch or dinner and a movie with my friend, Colleen, but she was out of town this weekend as well.  My only disappointment is that the Packers lost their game today.  All in all it has been a wonderful birthday week.

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