Saturday, August 3, 2013

Western Washington University

Chris and I traveled up to Bellingham last week so that he could register for classes at WWU.  We got an early start on Wednesday--leaving home at 0300 so that we wouldn't have to contend with Seattle rush hour traffic.  We made record time getting there.  Made no stops and got there at 0645.  We enjoyed some breakfast and then headed to the campus to see if we could take care of some business.  We spent a few hours there but orientation and registration weren't really until Thursday so we explored the city a little bit going to the mall to do some shopping and watching a movie--the Lone Ranger.  Chris has been wanting to take me to a movie for awhile since he can take me for free so he was pleased that he could take advantage of his free movies in Bellingham too. 

WWU is in a beautiful location on a hill in Bellingham.  There is a view of Bellingham Bay from the student union and bookstore area.
The campus has been around since 1893 so there are a few older building on campus.  Old Main is where a lot of the administrative offices are.
 Edens Hall is the oldest dorm on campus.
And the campus has a large collection of outdoor sculptures.  My favorite is this location here.  It is built to represent the San Juan Islands and the ocean currents there. 
And they have these cute whimsical creatures through out the sculpture area.  

We were a little worried about getting scheduled for classes since some of the classes that Chris needs were closed.  He did manage to get a full schedule--17 credits--most of which will apply toward his major.  So he is set for the academic portion of his stay there.  Now we need to get busy figuring out what he needs to pack and tie up a few more loose strings.

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