Friday, November 23, 2012


This was the first major holiday that we celebrated without Tom being here.  I missed him a whole bunch.  But we had a wonderful meal with Beverly yesterday--just the four of us.  And tons of food left over for probably at least a couple more days. 

Tom called a couple of times.  Earlier in the week, I asked him what his plans were and he didn't have any.  I reminded him that there were plenty of people in his situation and that he should try to celebrate with friends by either going out or cooking in.  When he called yesterday, he announced that he was going to celebrate with two of his buddies and one of their girlfriends was flying in to spend Thanksgiving with them.  So the four of them had a dinner plan and they all divided up what each other was going to be responsible for.  Tom was responsible for making the pumpkin bread and cooking the corn.  He was also in charge of dessert and bought a frozen berry cobbler.

So even though I missed him a whole bunch, I know that he had a terrific holiday with his friends.

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