Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Museum Date Day

Bill really wanted to see the King Tut exhibit before it left Seattle.  We were getting down to the wire with it leaving North America altogether in another month and a half.  This weekend was free so we took advantage of spending the weekend up in the Seattle/Tacoma area.

The weather was really rainy and difficult to drive up there--at least for the first portion of the trip.  We were glad it improved as we traveled north.  Still wasn't fun being outside in the cold and the rain.  We got to the Seattle Center about an hour early so we tried to find some places to sit inside waiting for our turn.  We went in the Armory for awhile. Then thought we might try to see the Chihuly Garden but the tickets were really expensive--and it was spending more time outside so we decided to pass.  Bill asked if I wanted to go up the Space Needle.  Not worth it on a day like that--wouldn't have been a very good view so passed on that.  So we went to see the rest of the Pacific Science Center until it was time to line up for the King Tut exhibit.

The King Tut exhibit was wonderful.  Lots of statues and jewelry.  I liked the reliefs with the carvings and hieroglyphs best.  We spent about an hour looking at all the wonderful artifacts.

Next stop was to go back to Tacoma to see some things there.  Bill wanted to see the Chihuly Bridge and perhaps the Museum of Glass.  I've been there before and wasn't all that impressed with the museum.  But the Washington State History Museum is right across the bridge from the glass museum and it is wonderful.  I took the boys and Beverly there when we went to see the glass museum years ago.  Bill hadn't been there so we decided to see it.  It isn't a very big museum but it is beautifully done.  And the Chihuly bridge is quite impressive with one section mimicking being under the sea with all the sea creature-like glass above you.  Then there are blue crystal towers in the middle of the bridge and a wall filled with 109 of Chihuly's glass sculptures. It would have been nicer if the sun had been out.  That is what really makes it impressive to see.

Ended out day with a date out at The Ram in Lakewood.  It was a favorite spot when I lived there.  It isn't exactly the same--they have built a new restaurant and the atmosphere is really different now.  But it was a wonderful meal.  And then we met my friends, Suzi and Terry, for breakfast before we headed home this morning.  It was a wonderful weekend but it went way too fast.

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