Sunday, October 7, 2012

Visiting the Aunts and Uncles

 This visit I made a point to go see all my aunts and uncles.  I always try to make sure I see my mom's brother and sisters when I go home.  We were always so close to them growing up.  I don't see my dad's sisters very often though.  It has been almost 10 years since I saw them and with Aunt LaVerne turning 91 this year and Aunt DonnaLee turning 84, I thought I had better make the effort this time.  They have both recently moved into assisted living situations.  Bill wanted to go hiking in the LaCrosse area so Dad, Shirley and I went to see her in Holmen while we waited for Bill to get done with his hike--at least that was the plan.  We would do our visiting and then go pick him up.  He was ready to be picked up before we even left LaCrosse to go to Holmen.  So he had to wait a bit while I did my visiting.  So good to see her and catch up.

That evening Bill and I were in downtown Tomah looking for someplace that he could connect to WiFi and get some work done.  We lucked out that a coffee shop was staying open later that night for a grand opening of a photographer's art show.  So they let us in and we bought some coffee and dessert and while Bill was working, I went to look at the pictures.  I caught up with a friend from high school and then in walks Aunt LaVerne with her daughter-in-law, Joann.  As it turns out, the photographer was Joann's niece so she came down from LaCrosse for the showing and brought Aunt LaVerne with her.  It was quite the surprise.  I certainly didn't expect to see her there.  Dad and I visited with her the next morning for awhile in her apartment just before I headed up to Wausau to see my other aunts.

Bill, Dane and I headed up to Wausau to see Aunty Joanne, Aunty Carolyn and our cousins.  We had a nice visit and it turns out they planned on it being my 50th birthday celebration as well.  Aunty Carolyn made me an angel food birthday cake--just like my mom would have--and brought out the "Happy Birthday" musical cake holder.  Brought back a lot of memories.  Haven't had a birthday like that in over thirty years.  Part of the visit was going up to the top of Rib Mountain as a family.  Pictures and blogging about that a few days ago. 

I almost didn't get to see Uncle Raymond.  I waited until Sunday afternoon to see if he was available.  He was sleeping because he had to work all night Sunday night.  So Monday was going to be out too--to see either him or Aunty Karen.  But they decided to come to Dane's to watch the Packer game with us.  So didn't get to visit a whole lot--but we got to cheer the Packers on to their win together anyway.

Always good to connect with my family.

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