Thursday, March 29, 2012

Graduation Photoshoot and Grandma's 80th Birthday

One of my goals for when Tom came home for spring break was to take his graduation pictures. I needed a recent, nice picture to make his graduation announcements. I wasn't thinking anything grand--just something appropriate for me to do his announcements with. So I tried to think of places to go and finally decided on the library. I took about 10 pictures--just enough to think I had something that would work. I fell in love with this photo. He looks so handsome with that terrific smile of his, the pose is perfect, and looks very academic with the books in the background--although it was the fiction section. It seemed a little bit dull though. So I did a fair amount of photoshopping to the picture. I took care of some of his blemishes, blurred out the books so you couldn't tell they were fiction books and then used what is called an "action" in Photoshop. I had just recently figured out where to load some free actions that I had downloaded months ago. One of them did the trick to make this such a nice picture. I was so pleased with it. And then I used it for a scrapbooking assignment for my creative team this week.

Beverly turned 80 this week. Because I had to work all weekend and had a crazy schedule at work all week long, we decided to celebrate a few days early on Friday night. She doesn't seem to like the fact that she has turned 80 but Bill always reminds her that it beats the alternative. We took her to Gustav's for German food which was wonderful. And then had cake at her house afterward. It was a fairly low key celebration but one that we all enjoyed.

Bill flew Tom back to school on Monday. Only one quarter left until graduation. And he just finished the best quarter he has ever had with an 3.885 grade point average. And Chris followed the next week with a second 4.0 grade point in a row. Very proud of them for the grades that they got this past quarter.


  1. Wow, I can't believe Tom is graduating.... has it been that long? What a handsome guy! Your photos are amazing, really captured the perfect shot!

  2. great pages! love that stacked photo look :)