Sunday, March 18, 2012

Erin Go Bragh

We always have a couple of traditions that we participate in each year for St. Patrick's Day. We love to have corned beef and cabbage at some point around St. Paddy's Day. We had it on St. Paddy's Day itself after we got home from Ellensburg with Tom. He is home for the week for Spring Break.

The other thing that Bill and I always enjoy is watching Irish step dancers perform. We experienced it for the first time several years ago when a group that the daughters of one of my co-workers performed at a couple of St. Patrick's Day parties that we had through work. The last three years, Bill and I have gone to Greg Kimsey's party. He does it every year to raise money for his campaign fund. They have had different groups each year but it is always fun to see all the energy and enthusiasm those kids have for dancing. And the costumes are phenomenal.

So we got out Irish fixes again this year and are enjoying having Tom home for awhile.

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  1. we had corned beef and cabbage earlier this week (yum) and I love irish step dancers, they make me smile. :)