Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas

We had a lovely Christmas Day. With Christmas being on Sunday this year, it made for a little bit different schedule than usual but it was a very nice day. I got the boys up early--at least they thought so--although not nearly as early as they used to get us up when they were younger. I made breakfast for everyone and then we opened our gifts. I had come across hot chocolate with CWU, Clark and Army labels on them so I couldn't resist getting them for the boys for this photo op. They advertised them as red, blue and gold on the labels but I didn't truly believe it until I opened one to make some. It really was gold hot chocolate.

I got Chris another Clark College sweatshirt, a book by Kissinger that he wanted, and the big gift was a ride along with the Vancouver Police Department that I had purchased at an auction. I'm not sure it is a good idea but Chris does have an interest in law enforcement so a friend recommended that he do a ride along. A few days later, they had one for auction at the Rotary Gala. It was perfect timing and I was as excited to buy it for him as he was to get it.

Tom and I are going clothes shopping today for his Christmas gift from us. But he got a beautiful Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl jersey from Maddy and he has been wanting a cookbook that Grandma Bev has for cooking some meals at school--so that is what he got to open yesterday.

After we opened gifts, we went to church with Grandma Beverly. It was a fun service with the focus of the service being on the children and the children's story. They played a great video of "The Christmas Story" as told by some pre-schoolers from Portland a few years ago. It was hysterical. And the kids in church were pretty funny with what came out of their mouths as well.

When we got home, Chris took off in search of a homeless person. The youth group at church purchased items and put things together to give to the homeless. Chris spent about $70 on various things like food, socks, hats, gloves, handwarmers, etc. He found a man named Michael to give his gift to and they prayed together.

Tom gave us "The King's Speech" as a family gift. It was a wonderful movie to share with Grandma Beverly to watch together in the afternoon. Then we had a lovely lamb dinner and watched the Packers beat the Bears.

It was a wonderful day to be together. This Christmas reminded me that it won't be long before we won't all be together for Christmas. I suspect Tom will probably be able to come home for Christmas while he is in Pensacola next year--but probably not much after that. I must try to remember to cherish all my time together with him over the next few months before he goes off into the Air Force. While seeing him infrequently while he is at school has eased me into it, I am going to miss having him only a few hours away.

Hoping you all had as nice of a Christmas as we did.


  1. Sounds like such a great Christmas, Shannon! Your 'men' are all grown up! Lovely layouts too!

  2. that was touching. I love to read about acts of kindness.