Sunday, December 18, 2011

Big Horn Brass Concert and After Party

The past two years our friends, Steve and Jeannie, have recommended that we see the Big Horn Brass Christmas concert and have invited us to the party that they give after the concert. It is always close to the time Jeannie has her birthday so it is sort of a combination birthday and Christmas celebration. Last night was actually her birthday. The concert was very good with a lot of Christmas music--two hours worth plus a half hour intermission. There was a vocalist by the name of Karla Harris that really rocked the house on the four songs that she sang with them. We even sang Happy Birthday to Jeannie after the intermission.

They wanted me to take pictures of their trees and of them in front of their tree so I happily obliged. Their tree is actually three trees all together in the same corner and it was amazing with huge bulbs and lots of lights. It was definitely a stunning tree display. It was so tall I couldn't take a picture of the whole tree from the front--not enough room to backup and get the whole tree in the picture. The only way I could get a decent picture was going upstairs and taking a picture looking down at it.

Last year they had the Dickens Carolers sing and I was so disappointed that I didn't have my camera. I wanted to make sure I had it this year to take pictures. They were there again this year and sang three different sets of music. After they were done, three doctors got together with the piano, a bass and a trumpet and played more music. So it was fantastic listening to three different groups play music all in one night.

We had a wonderful time!

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