Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sing 4th

The only real 4th of July activity I went to was the Sing 4th competition. It is a vocal competition for Clark County high school students to compete for prizes and scholarships and this year's scholarships and prizes were very generous. I have gone the past four years and I have to say that it is my favorite part about the 4th of July--even better than the fireworks and we have a pretty awesome fireworks show and other musical entertainment available all day long at Fort Vancouver. The kids are so talented. It seem like most years there are two gals that end up singing the same song and that was no exception this year. Both the winner-Lydia Moynihan--and the third place winner sang "The Girl in 14G" and both were very impressive. I had never heard the song before but it is wonderfully funny. Kristin Chenowith sings it in this YouTube video but I think even Lydia did a better job at it--The Girl in 14G. And I always love hearing Kyra Smith--the cohost--perform. She is only 18 but she has been a professional singer and celebrity in this area for over nine years with Disney radio.

The rest of our fourth was spent taking care of Beverly and then trying to sleep in our typical war zone of fireworks by almost all our neighbors all at once. After three hours of non-stop booms, pops, whistles and whatever other noises fireworks make, it was bliss to finally have some quiet after midnight. I know a lot of people get into it but I dread the whole week of 4th of July having to listen to it every night. It is really causes problems for animals unless you sedate them all week.

So anyway--that was our 4th. Hope you all had a wonderful one.

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