Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The New Library

I took Beverly to see the new library today. Bill and I got a glimpse of it a few months ago at a Chamber of Commerce event before they started putting bookshelves, computers and artwork in and I was impressed with it then. Seeing it completed was even more impressive.

The first floor includes a big community meeting room, a computer classroom, lots of computers to use for looking for books or the internet, a teen center with that includes video games, youth books and computers, and will have a coffee shop. The third floor is the children's floor and includes a really cool children's museum/play area and a children's activity room. The fourth floor is the non-fiction floor and the fifth floor is fiction and biographies. There are also meeting rooms on the fourth floor and a large reading room with a fireplace on the fifth floor. The best part is the large patio deck on the fifth floor that has views of downtown Vancouver, the Columbia River and beyond.

My only complaint is that the fifth floor has doors that aren't wheelchair compatible. None of the other floors have them so I don't know why they put them on the fifth floor. But now that I have a handicapped person to haul around with me, those things mean a lot to me. And there isn't near enough parking for the number of people that are going to end up using it.

But all in all it is a beautiful and well planned building. Quite an asset to our community.

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  1. I love our local library. Yours sounds fabulous! I hope that you enjoy it (despite the fifth floor access). :)