Monday, October 4, 2010

A New Car

We've known since May that my 11 year old van was in need of a bunch of repairs. But since we had just bought a car for Bill a week earlier, we decided to just baby it along and hope it lasted at least until the end of the year. I didn't want to drive it out of town but Bill and Tom risked it to move back to college a few weeks ago. It has been leaking oil for awhile and radiator fluid for a bit too. When I went into the garage on Saturday, there was radiator fluid all over the floor of the garage and barely any in the car. Bill wasn't home but I made an SOS call that we needed to go car shopping right away.

Bill really wanted a van again but I was looking at used vans and everything seemed out of range of what we could really afford to spend. Looked at various small SUV's thinking that might be the way to go but they seemed so expensive too. So I didn't want to go the van/SUV route and wanted something smaller and more affordable. I never even considered a Jeep but the sales guy at the dealership said that a new Jeep Patriot was in the price range that we were looking at. I knew we had the compromise I was looking for then-a bit smaller vehicle but plenty of storage room in the back if you put the back seats down.

As usual, car buying is such a painfully long experience. I think we were at the dealership three hours before we were able to leave. I am so relieved to have a new car and not have to worry anymore about when the old car was going to die. But I'm not looking forward to having two car payments again after going so long without. I'm sure we will manage though and I am so going to enjoy my new ride.

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