Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day Hike

Bill decided that he wanted to hike Hamilton Mountain this weekend. Chris and I went along today. It is the first time that he and I have gone although Bill and Tom have hike this trail several times in the past. I'm not much on hiking elevations although I did want to see the waterfalls. So I took my time getting up to that point on the trail and let Bill and Chris go ahead. There are actually two waterfalls--Hardy Falls and Rodney Falls. Below Rodney Falls is Pool of the Winds. It is hard to get any pictures of Hardy Falls because there are so many trees in the way but Rodney Falls is right next to the trail. Bill and Chris hiked the whole 8 miles of trails to the summit and back. I did some reading in the picnic area while I waited for them to come back. And then we went to have a late lunch in Stevenson at the Big River Grill. It was a pleasant day and fun to see at least a part of this trail that Bill and Tom love so much.

Bill actually took these pictures in the spring when he went there. But there is another picture of Rodney Falls and pictures of Beacon Rock and Bonneville Dam from the summit.

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