Monday, September 20, 2010

Do the Puyallup

Chris and I went to Puyallup over the weekend to attend the Western Washington State Fair. He qualified to go for fitting and showing at the Clark County Fair. Eleven kids from our county went to participate. Chris got a blue ribbon so he was happy. The other kids did really well too with most getting blue ribbons and some getting call backs. One even made it to the finals table. One of Chris' club members got Best of Breed for her Holland Lop. In the judging competition, the middle school team got second place. One of the high school members, got 4th place as an individual. It was a successful competition for our club.

I went to explore other parts of the fair besides the rabbit competitions. It is always fun to go to the other barns to see the animals. I really enjoy the cow barn in particular. I was so fascinated by the families of pigs that I saw there last year. I wasn't disappointed this year either with those big litters of pigs. I enjoyed the draft horse show last year as well and went again this year. I watched the dressage competition for the first time this year. I have no idea what to look for in the competition but it was fun to see what it was like. I took in a few shows--a Beattles tribute concert, a country music band, a high school show choir and a bluegrass band. The bluegrass band was fantastic and not only did they do traditional bluegrass music but they played a lot of classical music on their instruments as well and injected a lot of humor into their routine. It was a fun hour to watch.

Sunday afternoon, we went to visit with my friend, Suzi, who lives in Puyallup. We haven't seen her and her family since last state fair time so it was good catching up with her again too. Chris and Timothy enjoyed playing a new video game. So it was a nice diversion away from the fair for awhile too.

Chris could go next year but he isn't sure he wants to again. We'll see how he feels when it comes time to make the decision. It certainly is an interesting experience to go there. We were glad to get home again though.

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