Saturday, July 22, 2017

Doing the Ragnar

Chris participated in the Ragnar Relay with folks from work this last weekend.  They needed another team member and they asked him to join them.  He isn't a runner and doesn't enjoy running but he thought maybe he would do some training and get in better shape.  He did do a few 10K runs in preparation but for the most part it didn't happen.

The team was made up of 12 people and they each ran three legs in the 200 mile race.   Chris managed to finish all his legs.  It was a grueling two days of no sleep and pain but he made it and says he had a great time doing it.

The day before the race the mission posted this photo of Chris picking up a donation of 500 cases of water from the Lakeway 7-11 in Bellingham.  I was so happy to see a picture of him doing his work.

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