Friday, July 3, 2015

Father's Day 2015

It has been a busy time for us as a family and will be getting even busier for me at work so I guess I have some blog catching up to do this weekend.

Tom and Maddy arrived in Washington the weekend before Father's Day to do wedding preparations.  We were hoping that they could come down to Vancouver for a couple of days so that we had time to spend with them before the wedding.  I knew that we would have little to no opportunity to visit with them at the wedding which did turn out to be the case so I am glad that they came down to see us.  Chris came down for a few days too.

They came down after they went to Ellensburg to pick up Maddy's wedding ring.  So they had a long day of driving but enjoyed seeing their college town again for a bit.

I was thrilled because it was just as much or more of a Mother's Day celebration for me as it was a Father's Day celebration for Bill.  Bill was taking a film director's course for five days so he wasn't home until dinner time on Father's Day.  Chris went to church and out with friends so it was just me, Tom and Maddy for the day.  We spent a good six hours walking a little bit and going wine tasting.  We had never taken them wine tasting here in Clark County before.  We went to Gouger first and the kids enjoyed playing with the wine dogs--Doche and Dakota--a couple of very nice labradoodles.  Then we went to Bethany and enjoyed sitting outside next to the pond and visited.  Tom hit it off with Walt talking about what he does in the Air Force (turns out Walt is also an Air Force veteran which I didn't know).  It was such a wonderful afternoon to get my one on one time with them.

After Bill got home, we headed down to the Kennedy School for dinner.  Several months ago, Maddy had posted a list of bars from around the country that she wanted to visit and the Kennedy School made that list.  I told her the next time she came to Vancouver, we should go there especially since she is a teacher.  I thought it would be fun to take her to an old elementary school turned restaurant, spa, theater and hotel.  It was nice to enjoy some dinner and libations there.

I was happy to see this picture of Darren, Dad and Dane celebrating their Father's Day in Tomah. 

Hope all the fathers out there were able to enjoy time with their children or at least get in a phone call with them.  I know we enjoyed having our whole family together for the day.  Such a rare treat that it truly was special for us.

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