Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Non-Profit Charity Kind of Weekend

I didn't take my usual pictures this week.  Not sure why.  So I am borrowing a few from the paper and others.  But it was a busy week for supporting non-profit groups in Clark County this past weekend.

Bill is on the board of the Children's Center.  So we went to their fundraiser dinner last Thursday night.  Taken By Storm was the theme of the dinner.  Click on the link for a Columbian article about the event.  Storm Large is a local singer/songwriter that grew up with a mentally ill mother.  She sang and talked about her childhood.  We had a good time and it was fun learning about her singing with Pink Martini (when China was out for vocal cord surgery and has traded off with her since her return.)

Saturday night was a big night for SHARE which is a group that serves the hungry and homeless in Clark County.  It was "Springtime in Paris".  The decorations were fantastic.  The table centerpieces were hot air balloons with the baskets full of French goodies.  It was also a very fun evening.

Sunday was more of a participation day for us.  Bill co-emceed Bridge the Gap Champagne Brunch.  It was kind of an unexpected gig.  He was originally just supposed to sell beads for the Heads or Tails game.  He ended up being the co-emcee with Ashley Korslein from KGW Channel 8 News.  He had a lot of fun incorporating Tom's CWU Cascade Cowboy coin from ROTC into the Heads or Tails game.  Bridge the Gap helps foster children to lead more normal lives by helping out with the ability to play sports, participate in school activities, scouts, prom, or even just buy school pictures or a state ID card.  All things that most of us take for granted.  But the state doesn't provide money for those kinds of "extras". The stories from the keynote speaker and a social worker were very moving. 

So it was a fun weekend but busy and exhausting.  We were glad when it was over and we could spend our last few hours on Sunday afternoon and evening relaxing.

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