Sunday, March 29, 2015

On the Streets of Seattle

Christopher decided to do a mission trip again this spring break.  He had gone to Seattle last spring break with student from The INN.  He decided not to do an INN trip this year.  He wasn't interested in doing the prison ministry trip to Mount Vernon.  And didn't want to go to Mississippi or Mexico. So he contacted one of the guys at Serve Seattle that he worked with last year and arranged his own trip.  He headed down there last Saturday.  On Sunday, he spent a rainy afternoon walking all over downtown Seattle taking in the sights.  During the week, he went on two Search and Rescue missions with the Serve Seattle group.  They go out looking for homeless people to give food, water, socks, and engage in conversion.  He worked at a soup kitchen for three of the days.  He also spent a little time connecting with friends while he was there.  He had a really great week.  This was what he wrote as he left them:

"Later Serve Seattle! It has been a privilege and honor to be in community and, with a few of you, serve alongside you in your city. You are all amazing, not just for what you do, but for who you are and for the One in whose Name you serve. Feel free to keep in contact! It is sad to leave such a welcoming, awesome place but I am also excited to go home."

He texted me Friday night to see if it was okay to come home for the weekend since he had the car and was able to do it.  I was so excited.  Bill had seen him a few weeks ago when he took the car up to Chris.  But it has been three months since I saw him.  Unfortunately, he got here really late and is exhausted from his last few weeks of school, finals and working with the homeless last week.  So he isn't feeling well and is spending all day in bed.  But still happy I get to spend a little time with him anyway before he heads back up to Bellingham to start school again.

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