Saturday, December 20, 2014

Our Christmas Miracle

Sunday started out to be such a good day.  Chuck was here for the weekend to pack up what he wanted out of Bev's condo and to help us get it ready to sell.   We were looking forward to an evening with friends at the Tony Starlight Christmas Show.  It was going to be such a good day.  I talked to Tom and Maddy to ask what small appliances they might have wanted out of Grandma's pantry.  They were getting ready to go to a restaurant/bar to watch the Packers game and I was going to watch as I was packing up things.  Not long after, I got a call from Maddy's mom.  The kids had gotten into a very serious car accident.  Maddy seemed to be okay but Tom was hurt.  Maddy was able to update her parents and they would call or text me to let me know what she had to say.  It was a scary several hours while we waited to hear if Tom was seriously hurt or not.

On the way to the restaurant, Tom and Maddy were getting off the highway, hydroplaned and lost control of the car.  They rolled the car and the roof of the car collapsed 18" on top of Tom's head.  They weren't able to get out of the car so they had to break a window to crawl out.  Tom was able to crawl out on his own but his neck and shoulder hurt really badly. Pete and Marian could hear the medics working with Tom when Maddy called them.  They put him on a back board and in a neck collar to mobilize his spine.  Maddy was also taken to the hospital by ambulance so that she could get checked out.  She had cuts and whiplash.  I kept getting updates from Pete and Marian--Maddy's phone worked at the hospital but Tom's didn't.  Once Maddy was discharged from the ER, she was able to go see Tom and she put Tom on the phone with me.  He still hadn't gotten the results from his CT scan so he was very upset and worried still.  He could move his arms and legs and had no numbness so I tried to calm him down with the fact that he was still alive and that was all very good news.  That he was probably fine.  But this momma so wanted to be there with them.  Fortunately, the results of the CT scan were negative and they released him shortly afterward.

They have both been very sore all week.  The car was totaled but we are so fortunate that they weren't hurt anymore than they were.  We are considering it our Christmas miracle.  I am so looking forward to giving them both a big bear hug next weekend when they get here to celebrate the holidays with us.

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