Saturday, July 19, 2014

Our Neighbors-The Hawks

I got up early this morning to go to my Weight Watchers meeting.  On the way home, I saw two big birds in the street.  I figured they were crows.  One sees them commonly enough in the street scavenging dead carcasses and such.  As I drove past, I noticed white chests and thought to myself, "Whoa--those are not crows!"  I turned around and tried to take some pictures but one of them flew off and the other had its back to me.  Plus it was hard getting a photo on my cellphone.  So I went home and walked around the corner with my camera to see if I could find them.  I found this guy flying up into a tree.

Bill and I left for awhile and on our way home, we found other neighbors trying to get pictures of them up in a tree.  So I headed back around the corner and found this guy eating breakfast.  He or she was very busy looking for worms so it was a little hard getting a pictures but I managed a few really good ones.  It was catching a lot of worms but I would imagine that it takes a lot of worms to fill up a bird of that size.

One of the neighbors say me taking pictures and came to talk to me.  The nest was in a tree in his yard so he showed me where the other hawk was and where the nest was.  This fellow kept an eye on me because when I started working my way closer to the one under the tree, it flew over me and into the tree above the other one.

It has been a wonderful distraction today to look for these birds of prey.  Our next door neighbors have three chickens in their backyard so I've been thinking that maybe they shouldn't let them loose in the backyard with these two living right across the street from them.

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