Thursday, May 23, 2013

Now Working at a Theater Near You

Chris has so much going on in his life right now.  He is in his last quarter at Clark College, preparing to go to Western Washington University in the fall and leaving for China in just a few days.  Because he had a pretty light schedule for his last quarter--only a five credit on-line class--he started looking for a summer job early.  A friend of his works at the City Center Regal Cinemas and helped ease the job application process for him a bit.  He interviewed for the job at the beginning of April but never heard back from them so he assumed that he had gotten passed up for it.  But a few weeks ago, he happened to see that manager out on his smoke break and found out that they were still checking references for some of the applicants but that he should here back from them soon.  The next night he got the call that he had the job.  He was so excited.  He started about two weeks ago and seems to really enjoy it.  And he gets to see movies for free which is a great bonus.  Hoping he has a wonderful summer being among the employed, making some money and enjoying the summer movie season.

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