Sunday, December 9, 2012

Army-Navy Game 2012

Ever since Bill and I started hosting the Army-Navy game parties at CAA years ago, the Army and Navy alumni groups have watched the game together.  It was really fun when we hosted them as there was a lot of ribbing going on between to two groups.  It wasn't so fun for Bill and I--lots of food for me to cook, sometimes running out of food and having to go to the store to buy more, the sewer backing up one year and the In-Focus projector overheating another year.  We finally decided to call it quits and started looking for sports bars to have the parties.  We've been at four different ones in the past several years.  I think we have finally landed on Big Al's in Beaverton as being the best place--enough room and centrally located for most people.  Unfortunately--the gathering has lost the intimacy of our club where there was more give and take between those attending. 

We like to invite our friends, Jeff and Julie, to join us every year.  And Rollie has joined us a few times as well and he was able to come this year.  Army has lost ten years in a row.  So we have been pretty disappointed for years now.  We were really hoping for a win this year.  And the Black Knights came so close.  They were getting ready to score in the last few minutes of the game to go ahead and win but they fumbled on the 14 yard line and lost the ball.  That ended it for their hopes for this year.  I felt so badly for the Army quarterback who didn't get the ball into the fullback's hands. 

We always say--maybe next year.  Although it hasn't come true for a very long time. 

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