Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Phase of Training-Check

Tom finished the first portion of his Air Force training yesterday by passing his checkride in the DA-20.  He has been in Pueblo, Colorado for the past month learning to fly.  It is a required course for all pilots, combat systems officers and remote controlled pilots.  It is a pretty intense course of ground school and flying lessons.  They expect a certain percentage of students to washout at this point.  One of Tom's friends from CWU didn't make it.  He wasn't able to pass the written test after two tries.  Since this course is so contingent on him being able to continue in his combat systems officer training--I have been anxious for him that he do well in it.  So he has managed to pass and is on his way back to Pensacola for more training.  Congratulations Tom!

 Here are a few more pictures that one of his friends took celebrating their successful completion of the course.

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