Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas in the Hospital

Spending Christmas in the hospital wasn't the plan. When I scheduled my surgery for December 22nd, it was just supposed to be an overnight hospital visit. Two nights tops. But that wasn't in the cards. I had such bad nausea and we needed to get that under control or it would have damaged (and hopefully hasn't happened already) my hiatal hernia repair. When it became evident that I wasn't going to make it home Christmas morning, Bill, Tom, Chris and Beverly came to visit me and brought all the gifts to open there. There were some nice surprises. My friend, Annette, gave me the floral arrangement on the day that I had surgery. Sherrill sent me a care package with lots of liquid foods and magazines to entertain me in my convalescence. The boys bought me a book on their trip to Powell's.

Luckily I had all my shopping done before I went into the hospital. I gave Bev her photo album for the year. Some clothing for the boys including Bill. I got Tom one of his winter needs for Air Force ROTC--a liner for his ABU jacket. I also got him a flash light and a portable vacuum to keep in his room at school. We discovered he needed a flashlight when he ended up without electricity for several hours at school a few months ago. And given the condition of his room when I moved him out last spring, he needed the little vacuum. Chris really wanted a hydration back pack for when he goes hiking with Bill.

Although I wish I could have been at home sooner, I am glad I am back home now to start getting better in a more quiet environment.

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